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Solo Zandalari Warbringers as a Hunter

So you were out doing your dailies and ran across this guy here

Zandalari Warbringer

You thought "Hey, I've killed so many rares this guy must be easy"
So you get out you're tanking turtle, misdirect and send your turtle in to be the bad ass tank he always is.
Things did not work out as planned, did they?

Turtle was dead 10 seconds later and the Warbringer runs up and 4-5 shots you.

Second time you try and kite him around only to be feared and killed or have him reset.

Well, I'm going to show you how to kite these guys with ease.

First let's go over the talents you should have:

Posthaste is nice, but I prefer this one as if you do end up getting feared having a much shorter CD on Deterrence & Disengage is much a much better choice.

None of this talent row is really needed, but I take this one in case you end up pulling a Warscout well you are kiting the Warbringer, I use this because you CAN interrupt the fear of the Warscouts.

This row is another no brainer, the heal is much better than 15% less damage & it will end up healing for more than the straight heal over the whole fight.

Because we are kiting, this is the talent you want as it adds damage and makes the fight go by quicker.

This is the only talent that will end up doing it's full damage as your pet ends up eating almost every fear.

Again, this is the only talent you can really use as you will be kiting the whole time.

For Glyphs we will use the ones below:

Using this glyph in combination with the next glyph makes you close to untouchable by the Warbringer, the extra speed in Cheetah is a godsend.

Without this glyph you are making your life hell for no good reason.

These two don't really matter as much, but the extra heals work with Spirit Bond and the larger disengage can't hurt. The other two minor glyphs are up to you as none of them do anything to help in this fight.

I only try and solo them in Townlong Steppes, Kun-Lai Summit & Dread Wastes.
I find that the other 2 areas are not very good for kiting, more due to opposing faction on my server than the locations though.

You can use whatever you'd like, just try and use something that buffs you or debuffs the boss. I have been using a boar for the 4% extra physical damage, but it's not really needed as most of your damage will not be physical as you will not be getting off that many autoshots.

Keep a careful eye to make sure you call your pet out after he despawns, which will happen quite often due to the fear.

I like to fly over my kiting paths and kill any mobs that you might aggro, but it is not really needed as the kill will take close to 10 minutes and the mobs will have respawned during that time.

You should buff yourself anyway you can, food & flask are a good idea. When I first started doing them I would get some buffs from guildies also, but that is more for making the kill faster.

Your gear does not matter in the least, hell, after I showed him how my guildy solo'd one on his 87 hunter with ease. Gear only makes the kill faster. The only part of your gear you should care about is a speed enchant on your boots.

The Kite:
Ok, important, Say it with me
"I will always use aspect of the Cheetah"

I'm not kidding, if you had read the above sections you would know why, go back up and reread it, really.

If you get feared and hit, remember to put Cheetah back on.

Even with boot enchants, the Warbringer would catch up to you without Cheetah on.

Target the Warbringer and move to max range in the direction you will be kiting, fire of Explosive shot & Black arrow and turn and start running.

You will not be stopping unless the boss has stopped to cast one of his spells. You will be using jumpshots 95% of the time, jumpshot is when you jump, turn back and fire then turn back into the direction you were moving before you hit the ground. You will want to be good at the jumpshot before you attempt to solo these guys.

Keep Black Arrow & Serpent Sting up at all times, use Explosive shot & Glaive Toss on CD.

Make sure you have growl off on your pet bar, i tend not to send my pet in for attack until after my first "lap". You will not use Stampede or Dire Beast until after the boss casts his first fear and you have recalled your pet.

Even when the boss stops to cast a spell you will not have time to even cast a Cobra shot most times or the boss will end up getting to close to you, you really want to be at max range the whole time as if his spell ends up being his fear you can outrange it easily. If you stop to cast Cobras or stop to attack you will end up getting feared.

If you do get feared you want to use Deterrence as soon as you are out of the fear and Disengage away & put Cheetah back on. Make sure you attack the boss or he will reset, I find the fears are the main reason for resetting, another reason to stay at max range.

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