Tuesday, April 9

Trove of the Thunder King 10+ Gold Chests

I think I have created a much more efficient route for gold chest hunting! Easy to follow on how to get the 10 gold chests you need for "In the Hall of the Thunder King" achievement. This is MUCH better than my first video, netting me 16 of the large gold chests. I hope this helps you out!!!

THIS IS NOT A GUIDE FOR GOLD, just how to get the most golden chests. This often leads to a lot of gold though. Anyway, GOOD LUCK!

NOTE: I use my hunter ability feign death a couple of times for sake of the video, but it was a "mistake" that I made getting aggro. All classes should be able to avoid any aggro with proper CC. Aspect of the Cheetah does allow me to move a bit quicker, so with your own class you should be using any and all abilities that allow you to leap ahead, teleport, or move faster. Don't be afraid to bring the speed potions either.


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