Monday, April 1

Wowhead Easter Competition!

So wowhead has a competition every year at easter to find eggs they've hidden thoughout their website.

Ill give you the clues and the answers here, simply make an account, go to the item on their site and you'll be entered for the competition. Grand prize is a Ghastly Charger's Skull - Item - World of Warcraft

The Clues are these, and the right answer will be posted behind each clue, not as a link :/ Cant post everything as link as you can only have so many links in one post!

1. The weather's getting warmer, let's hit the beach! If you're not prepared, this newer vanity item from the latest expansion should provide you with appropriate new digs--and a bucket to boot!
Answer: Hozen Beach Ball

2. One of the more popular vanity trinkets for those who like to make an impact, everyone will get starstruck when you use it even if its effect hasn't been powerful since 2006. Hopefully you didn't shard it.
Answer: Shard of the Fallen Star

3. With everyone swooning over Teebu's Blazing Longsword, some warriors might be keen to know they can get their jedi on with a two hander for the low price of free with this item. Why Blizzard decided a 2her version should only exist for Alliance warriors, well, we'll never know. Faction change anyone?
Answer : Very Light Sabre

4. This rare hunter pet added in 5.1 is wearing a fez. No, we're not monkeying around--he actually wears a fez.
Answer: Gib the Banana-Hoarder

5. Have your travels throughout Azeroth got your feet a little tired? Maybe these will make you more comfortable. Perhaps someone can craft you up a pair.
Answer: Comfortable Insoles

6. Looking for some good grilled calamari? You just missed this catch then, it's only available in the colder months! Better luck next time!
Answer: Winter Squid

7. If the original slipped off your finger, it will cost you a pretty penny to find its stylish replacement--such is the socialite lifestyle. You might regret spending all that gold, but at least you'll immediately be at the center of attention.
Answer: Black Diamond Ring

8. We really wanted to punch someone when this achievement was removed. So who needs a beat down? Probably Cataclysm, as the skill it was based off was removed in that expansion!
Answer : Did Somebody Order a Knuckle Sandwich?

9. When doing the Argent Tournament dailies, you might not remember to pick up a hidden daily by looting this item. It doesn't give seals as a reward, but you get to kill a legendary sea monster. Worth it.
Answer: Kraken Tooth

10. No, we're not trolling. We think you're awesome for participating in this contest--congratulations! Not convinced? Maybe you should do some WotLK dailies to get proof!
Answer: Deputy Pa'trolla Badge

Hopefully this will help some of You and hopefully one of you guys win!

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