Thursday, May 2

DRUID: Fire Cat form without the staff equipped.

During the Patch 5.2 PTR, players noticed that Burning Seed had been datamined, which would allow players to "harness the essence of Fire granted to the Druids of the Flame." The buff given, Burning Essence, explicitly stated that players turn into a Druid of the Flame while in Cat Form. This sounded exactly like the fire kitty effect granted by Fandral's Flamescythe.

These seeds are available from the portal by Majordomo Staghelm in Firelands. They look like tiny Amberseeds anyone can see, but only Druids can loot them. Druids can loot up to five at a time, and it appears five spawn at a time.

Since Burning Seed are BoA, they can be mailed to alts, letting Druids stockpile more from future raids. (Interestingly enough, this means you can mail it to a lower-level Druid alt and they can also use it.)

If you have an old instance with the portal already up (accessible after the Gate-Keeper Baleroc is dead), you should be able to zone in and loot the seeds without dealing with a reclear. They also respawn after a soft reset.

The seeds are consumed on use, and the buff persists through death, zoning, and shapeshifting. The buff lasts for an hour.

Enjoy your flame kitten!

[Source WoWhead]

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