Tuesday, May 14

Exalted Argent Dawn in 1 hour

With Cataclysm, most of the Argent Dawn quests got swept away, although some new ones also got added. We're going to use one of these repeatable quests to our advantage, to get to exalted with the Argent Dawn in approximately one hour.

First of all you're going to want to go to the Western Plaguelands and find Fiona. Do her quest chain leading up to Light's Hope Chapel, this shouldn't take long at level 90. When you get the quest 'Argent Call: The Trial of the Crypt', complete it and you will instantly get revered with the Argent Dawn. You will now be offered the quest 'Annals of the Silver Hand' by the ghost of Lord Raymond Gorge, located in the graveyard in front of the Light's Hope Chapel crypt.

You'll want to go ahead and do this quest as normal the first time, clear out Stratholme and take the book at the end of the dungeon, but DO NOT RESET THE INSTANCE! - This part is important, the trick is that when you turn in the quest you can pick it straight back up again, but it will be much easier the second time around because the dungeon will be empty and you can just stroll directly to the book. Repeat this process around 10 times (You get 2 and a bit bars for completion of the quest), which really doesn't take long at 90, and you should hit exalted in no time

Note - Setting your Hearthstone to Light's Hope Chapel can really speed this up.

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