Thursday, May 23

Get Kor'Kron Lumber extremely fast

We spoke about this yesterday, but here it is again. This will not be a long guide, but quite simple. It's a little spot in The Barrens where the orcs spawn within 3-5 seconds of dying + there will be orcs patrolling on the way towards you. So the only things you need are:

- AoE
- Self-heal
- Time

The spot is here: 

The red mark is where you will be standing if u want the orcs to keep coming to you. The black arrows show the path of the patrolling orcs who carry lumber, and the blue spot is where nearly no orc will aggro you if you "hide". The blue spot is really the only place you can avoid the respawning orcs, unless you have Feign Death or jump off the cliff.

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