Friday, May 3

Priest - get instantly out of combat

A fair few of us thought this was an exploit but apparently blizzard think it's ok oO (source:mmo-champion) hence I post this in guides rather than exploits.

The tallent Spectral Guise is bugged and removes you from combat in order to effectively drop all threat

In case you cant see why this is game breaking here are a few ideas

Psychic Scream -> Spectral ***** -> Mount and ride to the safety of a far away piller in arena, here you can even drink as they take ages to run to you <3 br="">
Alternative use;

Plant Psyfiend near a pillar and Spectral ***** + drink with your back to the pillar - like so;

......| you.............fiend

It's important to place the fiend a bit away from you ( ~10 yards ) so it has LoS on anyone moving round the pillar ( it takes 2s to cast the fear and will do so on anyone in 20y radious )

Hope you enjoy this before blizzard decides that like void-swapping your psyfiend this is entirely too powerful 

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