Sunday, May 12

Prospecting Macros for quickest time

 This isn't just to prospect. This is to get all of your ore prospected as fast as u can. With you only doing 1 or two things. You may do this with _keySpam if you are lazy. Or just click the keys yourself.


 /cast Prospecting 
/use Ghost Iron Ore

/click LootFrameCloseButton
/use Sparkling Shard

/use Sparkling Shard 
(or just put it on your action bar)

With _keySpam:
#1. Set Macro1 on your action bar and set it for 3500 sleep time.
#2. Put Macro2 on your bar and spam it either with a spam clicker or yourself(_keySpam just doesnt work with this)

#1. Set Macro1 on your action bar.
#2. Set Macro2 on your action bar also.
#3. Every 3-4 seconds press Macro1 and Spam Macro2 during Macro1 is prospecting and when its done.

Instead of Macro2, you can also press Esc and use Macro3 and press it when you have enough shards; with this method you can just use _keySpam alone because it doesn't need to close the loot because it can't even open. Please add in the correct ore in the macro when you make it. If you need any help hmu.

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