Monday, June 3

Blizzard finally giving us more bag space?

Has it ever occurred to you that your bags, bank and Void Storage were full? Has it ever happen that you had to delete your soulbound items simply because you couldn't squeeze any more of them into your storage? -probably yes. This has been a very common issue since the origins of World of Warcraft, especially for hardcore raiders who like to collect their Epic loot.

To help players get their bank and bags clean again, Blizzard gave us Void Storage in last expansion, which allows you to store old epic items usable for transmogrification. For the very same reason mounts were turned into a menu, instead of wasting our precious bag space, but sadly that's still not enough. With Mists of Pandaria expansion, we got tons of collectible, soulbound items like Puntable Marmot, Turnip Punching Bag or Shushen's Spittoon. It sure is nice to have them, and throw on the ground for fun form time to time, but they also consume a lot of bag space.

Low bag space issue in World of Warcraft has been recently addressed on official Blizzard forums, by user named Rossalyn. One of his suggestions to resolve this problem was turning tabards (and possibly other items) into "keyring" like menus, or the one similar to mount menu in WoW, which actually seems like a very good idea. Luckily his request has not been left unheard - moderator named Bashiok have replied to his thread, and by this unofficially confirmed that Blizzard is currently working on "cleaning" bags from items that not necessary have to be there.

Adding more space to put more stuff isn't a solution, it's just delaying the problem, and usually not by much. We've been talking about (and even telling all y'all) that solving the storage problem is something we've set our sights on. Of course I'm not going to make an announcement here so no specifics to share yet, or when that relief may surface, but it is something we want to tackle asap.

By looking at Bashik's post, we can clearly tell that Blizzard won't be extending bags, bank or void storage space, but instead they will most likely focus on making some of our items available under certain menus, like previously mentioned "keyrings" for quest items, or mount / battle pet menu. As Bashiok also mentioned, Blizzard want to deal with this "asap", which means we can probably expect improvements on bag space within next few weeks.

Tabards as "keyrings"? quest items visible only in questlog? or maybe even epic sets made into a menu similar to the one with our mounts, available for all characters on your account? These are the only few of ideas posted by players on Blizzard forum, but there's still many more possibilities left, that probably haven't been mentioned yet.
Make sure to let us know in comments below how you would like to fix low bag space issue!

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