Sunday, June 9

Easy way killing legendaries battles pets

How easily beat legendaries pets and get red panda / achievment.

Legendaries battles pets own hard us pets. So it's take many try to make them down.
I found a easy way to destruct them with no effort.

Take a beattle with this attack : Apocalypse.
Some pet with 'invulnerable turn protection' like :

  • When your pet is flying during one turn.
  • When your pet is under-swimming or under-flooring.
  • Repair.
  • Survival.
  • Undead pets. Rez one time.
  • Mechanical pets. Rez with 20% life.
  • Magics. Can get damaged more 40% lifes per turn.

And the great : - Phoenix. He rez full life =)

So in fact u have to do that.
  1. Launch Apocalypse.
  2. Change your beattle because (HE MUST BE ALIVE TO APOCALYPSE WORK).
  3. Use some survival capacity or tanking pet. 
  5. Enjoy tiny cute red panda 

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