Tuesday, June 18

Gold Farming spot 4k+ gold! (While mistfall village quest is down)

Hey guys!  I'm just here to update a new farming spot for when the Mistfall Village daily quest farming spot is not up!

Before the best spot to farm was just killing the trogs in Deepholm, sadly this has been nerfed so it's not worth farming those mobs anymore!

my new farming spot is located in Twilight Highlands and after 1 hour of farming with Potion of Treasure finding i gained :
  • 1.3k gold (pure loot gold/trash sold)
  • 29xPyrium ore
  • 12xElementium ore
  • 8xVolatile life
  • 10xVolatile air
  • 27xVolatile water
  • 14xVolatile fire
  • 20xVolatile Earth
  • 3xElementium lock boxes
  • 865xEmbersilk cloth
I also looted more than 30 Green items which i vendored (If you are an enchanter there's much more gold in disenchanting and AH)

There's also chances to loot Rares and Epic BoEs to sell on the AH!

Where the farming spot is located is here :

and it looks like this :

You'll be killing Twilight Spearwarder

to be able to see these mobs you will need to be phased by a quest chain which is from Easy Pickings

it's available for both Alliance and horde!

If you need a mailbox / vendor i recommend flying to this place (takes 1 minute flight time)

I hope my guide will help you out

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