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Thursday, June 20

Ignore life drain on durumu.

While working on heroic Durumu this week with my guild, i found you can completely negate life drain. To do so, you HAVE to be the original target (you get a a squiggle like beam attached to you before the actual life drain effect occurs)

If you use Greater invis or salyins war banner (the item which drops combat) while that line is on you, it will completely cancel it and you won't have to deal with it. Very useful to use during certain parts of the fight where lots of shit is going on and may cause a wipe due to poor swapping. (also stops him healing a lot)


  1. Be target for life drain
  2. Greater invis or use salyins warbanner before actual life drain starts
  3. life drain should be gone.
Now, i KNOW for a fact invis works for mages as that's what i did. I am presuming the banner will do the same as it is a sort of vanish.

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