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Monday, June 10

Leveling 85 - 90. About 30min Per level If you are RESTED

In a world were everyone is hyping Monkey runs I thought Id share my personal fast leveling place In World of Warcraft. It Works fine as of right now  as I just helped a pal out today. He was rested 87 to half 90. We did it in 1h 40min.

Wall of Text Incoming.

I have leveled this way on 3 characters. I boosted 2 friends myself while I got boosted on 1 of my characters once.
We pulled about 1 level in 1H 20min non rested (1% per minute) and 30min per level Rested.
Note: Ive never tried this on level 85 but it works fine from level 86 to 90, Im pretty confident it works on 85 too.

(Important) What do I need to do this ?

Other than the character ure leveling u need another player. I dont think this is effective if u play both character, at least it will not go as fast.

The other player needs to be level 90 and tank specced with pretty good gear. (Something else might work aswell but I have never tried it)
The level 90 Character needs to be able to fly in MoP and own a 2 Seat Flying Mount. (It acctualy works without but it will not go nowere near as fast)

The leveling character, Im pretty sure it works for any class, U will need abit of Surivability. If u got a character that can easily pull mobs on range (with a spell like Ice Lance) It will help alot more.

So what is this and where is it?

Mob Tagging and the location is Townlong Steppes.

Mob Tagging? What is that?
The player that is leveling are pulling mobs tagging them, while another premade character kills them for u while not being in a party

Here is what the locations looks like

The red Squares marks the main zones you are going to fly between using a 2 seat flying mount.

The top red square is the spawn with the mobs called Shan'ze Obliterator.
The below red square marks the zone with mobs called Shan'ze Stonebender

So what now?

1. Start with the top square since that spawn is the biggest. Dont be in a party together. The player that are here for experience starts off tagging mobs while the other player taunts when the leveling player has got tag on it. 

If the level 90 is a tank u can easily pull all of them and tank them. The dmg is not intense but u will need to use CDs the worse gear u have. (I have tanked all of them with a DK tank in full 476 PvP Gear, just remember cooldowns)

Note: Myself I have done this with a DK Tank. I was boosted by a Warrior and Paladin Tank and all of them works fine. Warrior can survive with Second Wind, the paladin was just incredibly OP

The mobs themselves doesnt really do anything at all. Its just tank n spank

2. When u have cleared the top spawn. Go into party together so the leveler can sit on your flying mount. Fly to the south red Square.
Do the exact same thing here. Dont be in a grp. Let the leveler pull the mobs, the level 90 taunts them off when they are tagged and kills them ofc. These mobs are just tank n spank aswell. They do Shadow bolts from time to time so if u get CDs against spells its a good time to use them here.

3. When u have cleared the south spawn, Grp up and fly North and repeat 1.

-Extra Stuff that will make it go even faster-

At both spawns there is also a spawn on a rare mob. They are both on about 1h respawn timer.

The south red square got a rare called Norlaxx. Its very easy and can easily be pulled with the rest. The only important part on it is not to stand in the Voidcloud ability he does on the ground. Otherwise its tank n spank

The north red Square contains a rare called Kah'tir. The only important part of this mob is his Arc Cleave. Its very easy to see (Like last boss in MSV but easier). Dont stand in it.

As u can see I also marked a blue square on the map. It contains an additonal Rare that u might wanna pick up when ure flying between the spots for some extra exp.
Its called Lon the Bull and its just tank n spank fight.

Both the players doing this should be in the same guild aswell. Both players should have Battle Standard of Coordination and Standard Of Unity in their bags aswell.
The Standard works even if u arent in a group.

To benefit most from them u should have 1 player put up the epic banner when ure first pulling the north spawn. The same player uses his blue one on the south after.
Then the other player uses his Epic when u get back to the north spawn again and so on.
Myself Ive never had a spawn were we didnt have a banner up this way.

If ure leveling as a Monk, remember to pick up the Enlightment Buff.

Edit: I forgot to add that when ure at the north spawn. Dont bother with the quest mob called The Blade. He doesnt give any experience.

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