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Thursday, June 27

Really Quick Leveling for Paladins Level 70-77 unrested

Im here with another guide for you paladins out there on how to go from level 70-77 extremely quickly, with no heirloom gear, no special twink gear, and no exp bonuses (other than the maybe 5% extra for owning wintergrasp) by simply soloing The Nexus.

This technique for me clocked in at a little more than 1.2 million exp per hour at level 72, unrested, no heirlooms, no exp bonuses. I made a video on my channel for you guys so you can see exactly how I did it and also see which mobs to watch out for and avoid, as well as the path to take for the highest efficiency possible. If you solo this place constantly, 5 times an hour, which is your limit you can have, it will take a little over 3 hours straight to reach level 77 from level 70.

 Here are some tips for making this easier especially at the lower level 60s for this:

-Take Repentance as a talent to help with CC, and CC at least one person with Repentance on every pull. It lasts for 1 minute on a mob with only a 15 second cool down.
You dont need to do this once you feel comfortable on certain pulls or your a higher level. It will only slow you down sometimes, so just use common sense. But repentance is very helpful.

-If you find your being destroyed by the melee mobs, you can take Glyph of Divine Protection to help with the physical damage. However, I found in this instance, there is way more magic damage than not, so taking this glyph wont help too much.

-Take Glyph of Holy Wrath for this instance, which i mention in the video, as this will make it to where when you AE with Holy Wrath, it will stun all Elementals and Dragonkin, which are very prevalent in this dungeon.

-Taking the Glyph of Harsh Words will significantly increase your DPS, and I recommend it very strongly for any spec of paladin at this level.

-If you still feel uncomfortable soloing it yourself, or you find that at level 70 and 71 you cant solo it, you can take a healer along with you to help out. The lower level the healer, the better experience for you. It does cut down on the experience pretty significantly, but you can focus on damage more and bigger pulls to help counteract the drop.

Finally, keep in mind that this is so efficient because at this level tanks are incredibly overpowered and do anywhere between 50-80% of the damage that is done in dungeons. This method is simply cutting out the useless dps that are decreasing the amount of exp potential for your dps output, as well as the lack of need for a healer for tanks at this level with incredible survivability.

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