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Sunday, July 28

Brawlpub EXP and Leech (Rank 6+)

Basically: Yikkan Izu, the Rank 6 Raven Lord boss, is a goldmine.

A. His bird adds give exp to people in the party. I came across a warrior tank chain killing Yikkan while a lvl 86 hunter in his group levelled up standing at the railing. I don't know the actual xp gain, didn't get to try it myself, but he said it was damn faster than monkey runs.

B. The REAL glitch, however, is that killing Yikkan Izu while he is ENRAGED (read: kill 5 of his birds at once) has, at least for the past few hours on my server, GUARANTEED the multiple-people-in-the-arena glitch. As in, the tank kills Yikkan while he is enraged. Guaranteed, the next person in line ports in. Roughly 20 seconds after that, the next person. 20 seconds after that, assuming people are still alive and no bosses have been killed, the next person.

So queue in this order: 1st person Yikkan, 2nd person something easy like Bruce, 3rd person something hard that needs cheesing. Kill Yikkan enraged, then kite bruce around until enough people are in and blow him up.

100% reproducible, everyone gets a boss kill credit, I just got me and three guildies the mount in like two hours

Yikkan dies enraged

Next guy in line gets ported in as normal

~20 seconds in, second guy gets ported in

Repeat until SOMETHING dies

Lvl 87....

Lvl 88!

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