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Tuesday, July 30

[Gold] 500+ Inscription

Searched for a while and couldn't see a post about this and felt I have to tell the rest of you.

Green Tea Leaf on my realm go for about 20g/stack.
One Starlight Ink go for about 55g.

If your prices are similar to mine it's a great way to buy all the stacks of green tea leaf at 30g or below, mill it and craft ink of dreams & starlight ink, use the ink of dreams to purchase starlight ink of a vendor, i.e. Sinzi Sparkscribe - NPC - World of Warcraft

I did a test run of 100 Green tea leaves which I bought at 27g/stack for a total of 135g, milled it and were able to craft 24 Ink of Dreams & 3 Starlight inks which results in a grand total of 5 Starlight Inks as x10 Ink of Dreams can be traded for 1 starlight ink at the ink trader. I then proceeded to put up these x5 starlight inks for 274.99g on the AH (55gold each). These inks sold in seconds and I made a 140g profit of it, if you can get the herbs at 20g instead as that's the usual price on my server I would reap a total benefit of 175g.

100 Green Tea Leaf - 135g (27g/stack)
x24 Ink of Dreams
x3 Starlight Ink
= x5 Starlight Ink

x5 Starlight Ink = 275g
275-135=140g Profit

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