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Thursday, July 18

Level 70 to 85 under 2 hours of work with RAF

We found a very rapid way to get from 70 to 85 in no time.

  1. Your main account at level 70.
  2. RAF account at level 70
  3. 3 to 4 Flasks of Ancient Knowledge
  4. Heirlooms on both accounts
  5. A 90 booster


  1. Go to Corp' rethar: The Horror Gate and go inside the cathedral. Use a flask on your RAF account. Have your booster pull mobs and kill them. These ~40 spawn every 2 minute or so. 
  2. Each pack should grant about 20% of a level, keep doing this for an hour and you should be level 75 on your RAF account.
  3. Grant 5 levels to the main account
  4. Head to Amphitheatre (Where you can get the quests to fight bosses)
  5. DO NOT take the quest on your main account, ONLY on your RAF account while the flask is active.
  6. Finish all quests and the RAF account should be level 78 now. This step took 5 minutes.
  7. Grants 3 levels to your main account.
  8. Use a flask on your main account and do the Amphitheatre quests on this account now.
  9. Grats on level 80! We are running for about an hour now. You can log the RAF slave off.
  10. Now with the buff active, if possible, get yourself a level 80 MoP weapon and head straight to Hyjal.
  11. Grind and quest simultaneously killing as many mobs as you can between quest paths
  12. Once you hit 82 head to deepholm, at 83 to uldum, at 84 fly to twilight highlands and go to the crucible of carnage. If you rush, this can easily be done in 45 to 60 minutes.
  13. Have the level 90 booster join you again. Make sure a flask is still active, accept the CoC quests, and keep completing them for absolutely massive exp 
  14. Go and grind a bit outside in twilight highlands
  15. Congratulations! You did 70 to 85 in 2 hours or less. The slowest I got to 85 with this method was 4 hours, since I had no MoP weapon.

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