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Wednesday, July 3

Obtain The Best Names In World of Warcraft!

Death, Fate, Pain, Destruction, Life, Hurt, Epidemic, Holy, Fire, etc

Names of these nature can easily be obtained for reuse on any of your toons. The best part of the process is that it is completely legal, supported by Blizzard. It will take you less than five minutes to complete this whole process + the ticket time. This does include a GM however this isn't a scam, exploit or anything else. I have decided to make this a screenshot guide to prove this is all legal.

First step is to go to, Click on the World of Warcraft image in the center & locate the search field on the top right:

Your gonna type in your desired name, when the page reloads your gonna click the level range section to organize them lowest to highest. You will notice a handful of the characters in the results have a shadowed out character picture. These characters have been inactive for extended periods of time & are considered vacant to Blizzard. Which means you have free range to claim the names.

After you locate your desired realm & name you are going to simply open a ticket stating you wish to have the name released it is currently held by an extended inactive player & want to use the name. Blizzard has no issues doing so because they cater to active players. They will tell you they have released it and ask you to make a name holder character. As seen in this picture they do it happily for you:

After you have the name you have the ability to pay & change a max level character to that name, or you can create a new character with the name.

Be the envy of your realm with the best possible names in World of Warcraft.

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