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Friday, July 12

Someone posted in trade chat asking "What would you do if you had 200K right now?". (Feel-good Moment)

When MoP came out I used to make so much gold flipping vegetables on the AH. One day I logged in and started giving away gold, 50k for each person to find me in SW and trade. After giving one guy his 50k, he thanked me profusely and left. A few moments later two more people arrived and both recieved 50k. They were so happy that I decided to give them both another 20k. Then I got a pm from the first guy: "haha fukn owned idiot those were all my alts thx for the gold" .......then put me on ignore. :(

I know All MMOs have had people like that since... forever. When I first played Ultima Online, way back in the day (1998ish), they had a quest given to people when they first started that helped you get familiar with the game. I was wandering around working on it (I forget what the requirements were...) and some guy, clearly more experienced came up to me and struck up a conversation.

He found out I was a noob and offered to help with my quest. He was a really nice guy and gave me pointers along the way. A little while later, I was done and got to the point to pick my reward. He told me to pick a certain item because it was worth more than the others (a wand I think?). So I got that one.

Then, he said to let him have it for a second, because he could enchant it to make it better. I hesitated for a moment, because it didn't seem right to give away the item I'd just gotten. However, this guy had been so helpful, I decided to give it to him so he could enchant it. Trade complete and he starts to walk away... I thought maybe he needed to go somewhere to enchant it, so I followed him. Pretty soon it became clear that he was trying to get away from me so I started asking "Where are you going?" "Can I have my wand back?" I refused to stop chasing him and after a few minutes, he opened a portal and poof teleported away.

I was so angry and disgusted with humanity, I logged out and never played UO again.

Told him I'd buy the vial of sands and he bought one for me!

After thanking him profusely I asked him if it was okay if I gave it to my friend who has wanted this mount for ever

So he bought me one too so that we could match

Mailing it to my friend and trying to hold myself together

Flying around Orgrimmar with the greatest person ever :D

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