Tuesday, July 16

Trade Primal Egg even after it hatched

The primal egg item, as many may know, contains 1 out of 3 different colour raptors. However when farming these items as a group it often occurs that once the egg hatches it turns out to be a colour you already have and/or do not want. Normally when an item "opens" many are replaced with a new item ID, however this is not the case for the egg. Even when it is lootable it can still be traded. In the case of an item that does not get a new ID, it should not be lootable by other players, but there is a simple way to make this possible:

  1. Obtain an egg in a group
  2. Log off for three days so the two hour trade remains on the item
  3. Hatch the egg
  4. Turn off auto loot and check inside the egg if it is the mount you need/want
  5. If not, trade the egg to a person that was in the group and eligible to the loot
At this point when he/she tries to loot the item it'll give an error saying he/she is not eligible for the loot, since it has previously been opened by somebody else. However, here comes the exploitable part: After relogging the item becomes lootable.

You can potentially give unwanted mounts to friends/party members or simply farm eggs as a group and trade them to eachother.

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