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Friday, July 19

[Visual] Turn red till logout/map id

I'm sorry i am not 100% sure if it is server or client side so don't ask. But this exploit is quite easy and repeatable and pretty cool imo. And sorry about the video being longer than is needed and the comments in the video ignore what i say :P.

First obtain the quest: The Crucible of Carnage: The Twilight Terror! or stalk down someone with it/is doing it. Then wait for Phase 2 where everything turns red. In that phase, either unstuck(with no hearth ofc) or just let the boss kill you or have someone else do the deed. Now when you spawn back in you will be red. , even if the boss is still being attacked. Even if you die the red will stay on your body. Phasing to a new zone on Eastern Kingdoms will keep the visual still on you. Hearthing to pandaria dropped this effect but i swore last time i did that it stayed, no proof so go try yourself . I hope you all enjoy this and stay tuned for more bugs, exploits and visuals from me  (if this is a repost which i doubt it is, please just post the link and a mod can close/delete if felt necessary) ^-^


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