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Monday, August 12

Complete "Celestial Blessings" Challenge (Legendary Quest)

Celestian Blessings is a legendary quest. In melee challenge you need to kill Wrathion, and after killing him you will be rewarded with a legendary Cloak 600+ itl. You need to know:
  • Wrathion has ~31M health. Deal as much dmg as you can
  • Always stay behind him to deal more dmg and avoid all his casts. He jumps to your position and begin to cast a 180 degree frontal arc that hits for over 200k. He does this all throughout the fight. He does not melee attack.
  • Self healing abilities really help during this fight.
  • He will summon one set of red oozes shortly into this first phase which you must kite or dispose of from range or very quickly in melee. They hit very hard and move fairly fast. Just interrupt this cast if you can.
  • He will also summon pools under your feet at regular intervals. Avoid all.
If you have some problems with melee challenge - watch this video

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