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Tuesday, August 20

Earn an extra 40g per Dungeon run (level 90)

This method is not guaranteed to work all the time, but usually does if you are quick on your feet and patient enough.

When running random dungeons, make sure you are the first person to loot the final boss. DO NOT AUTO LOOT. That is very important. When you loot the final boss, you will be required to manually select each item. Click on the two pieces of armor, but DO NOT CLICK THE GOLD. Most people won't notice the fact that they haven't received their gold loot, roll on the items, and then leave the dungeon. Normally, when you click the gold it will be divided by the members in the party. Wait for everyone to leave the dungeon, and then click the gold. The entire 50g will be yours (earning you an extra 40g)

If someone tries to queue the group for another run, just ignore the request and pretend you're afk. If someone points out they don't have their gold, just ignore the request and pretend your afk.

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