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Sunday, August 4

Preparing for 5.4

Seeing as we have 5.4 right around the corner I might as well remind you to stack up on materials which will increase in price once 5.4 launches, these items are:
  • Ghost Iron Bar
  • Ghost Iron Ore
  • All herbs
  • Trillium Bar
  • Living Steel
  • Starlight Ink
  • Spirit Dust
  • Mysterious Essence
  • Sha Crystal (However I don't think the price will change much here)
  • Ink of Dreams
  • Trillium Ore

All useful gems (Use WoWuction - WoW Auction House, EU - Alexstrasza / Alliance or Best Gems for 5.3 Mists of Pandaria of World of Warcraft - WoW Popular - Filter by Gems to find which gems are useful, most of them will remain the same in 5.4)

  • Golden Lotus
  • Flasks
  • Most meat and food
  • Banquets

If you have any other items we should stock up on, please reply to the thread.

Blacksmithers will receive new endgame patterns which require ghost iron bars and trillium bars. The herbs will be used for flasks for the upcoming raid, as well as new glyphs to come, golden lotus will be used for flasks and transmutations, gems will sell well because lots of people will get new gear, flasks, banquest, food will be used for raids and the meat is required to cook these. the starlight ink and ink of dreams will be used to craft glyphs however I don't think these will be as interesting as the rest. Enchanting materials will be used to enchant all the new gear.

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