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Thursday, August 15

World of Warcraft 5.4′s Timeless Isle location detailed by Blizzard

World of Warcraft developer Blizzard Entertainment has detailed the cool new features found in update 5.4: Siege of Orgrimmar’s new Timeless Isle location. In a new blog post from Blizzard, the island was confirmed as having only a few quests, but with a unique twist, the game won’t tell you where they are in a bid to encourage solo exploration.

The post explains, “The island offers greater challenges as you move away from the serene forest surrounding the temple grounds and into the fiery Ordon Sanctuary, Cavern of Lost Spirits, Croaking Grotto, and other mysterious locales.

“As this is an open-world experience, everything except the raid bosses is designed to be taken on solo. See a level-93 Elite? Attack it! Depending on your spec and gear it may take you a while to whittle down its health, but your ability to skillfully play your class and dodge attacks can lead you to victory.

“Being able to take on large creatures by yourself also means that long after Patch 5.4 comes out, when the number of people visiting the island dwindles, you’ll still be able to bring new characters there and engage with everything it has to offer.” Blizzard added that everything on the island drops something unique, including new Battle Pets, Lesser Charms, tokens and more, while enemies also drop Timeless Coins, the island’s currency, which can be spent on additional new items.


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