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Thursday, August 1

Yikes, got assaulted in Tol Barad while doing dailies and killed my attacker three times, got mail...

I laughed till I cried over the "gape that asshole" part. Story time!

Back in Cata, I had a level 85 rogue that kept jumping me, and I kicked his ass repeatedly. I looked him up and saw that he had a pretty high rating, so I felt pretty good about myself since I don't do arena at all.

He must've looked me up too, because he made a lv 1 horde character just so he could accuse me of cheating and threaten to report me to Blizzard. I told him to stop being such a little bitch and to take his asskickings like a man.

That sparked a weird relationship of sorts. Somehow we always ended up in Tol Barad at the same time and we would have an endless battle royale for hours. I'd say we were pretty evenly matched. I'd be innocently doing dailies when my Spy alarm would go off and I would immediately stealth and start spamming my sap macro until I yanked him out of stealth and start beating the shit out of him. Sometimes I won, sometimes he did. It was some of the best PvP I've ever had.

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