Monday, September 16

Do a Barrel Roll / Heroic Alysrazor achievements easy

With the new gear almost anyone can defeat Alysrazor on Heroic difficulty solo. If you can pull out about 20%-30% more DPS than the priest in the video, you don't need a healer class to solo him, the strong dps will get him down before the firestorm phase.


The priest in the video has around 500 ilvl, which is easily achieveable with the new island gear. Priests are not very strong DPSes, so doing this shouldn't be hard. Do a Barrel Roll is often the achievement people going for the meta get stuck on. I know this has been done before. Didn't find a guide on how to kill him, and few seem to know that he is currently easily soloable. You also have a chance on the Alysrazor mount! Thanks, and good luck.

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