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Tuesday, September 10

Easy cloth and gold in heroic pit of saron

I do this on a protection BLOOD ELF paladin with a 499 ilvl. You NEED holy avenger. Other talents don't matter

Go to pit of saron and put it on heroic mode. Turn on seal of insight, kings yourself, sacred shield yourself (if you want), and mount up.

Go along the right side of the map (the side without Ick), and aggro the drakes/solo skeletons (the groups will de-aggro when you get to the other side of the map. Idk if the skeletons on far side de-aggro when you come back to the entrance side). I personally grab every skeleton. Come back down the left side and aggro everything, except for the mob closest to Ick. Now aggro all those groups.

This is optional but what i do is i get some distance (staying on the portal side half of the map) so the casters can group a little bit or at least aren't so spaced out. If casters are space a tad arcane torrent to get them as grouped as much as possible and just start downing them. I have a macro with every single poppable cooldown on it and i pop it as soon as i dismount. If you wish, bring them to the gargoyles if you wish for 3 more mobs since they have a very small chasing range

Skill priority to down (as protection pally)

Drop lights hammer (optional, not needed but only choice that's useful)
Hammer of the righteous
Avenger's shield
(pop word of glory after every hammer of righteous+avengers shield+judgment)

With all the mobs avengers shield should be up nearly every global cooldown. Spam it with Consecration and Hammer of the righteous down. This is also a very good way to get the casters grouped since it Silences??? Idk why they do it but they'll take a few steps to you every time they get hit with a shield.

Why do you NEED holy avenger? One of the mobs puts this dot on you, that does a lot of damage if it hits, and it doesn't fall off until you hit full hp. It doesn't happen every run, but there's a good chance it'll get put on you twice in the amount of time and LoH wouldn't be up for the 2nd time

You don't down ANY bosses at all. If you don't down a boss you can reset the instance and all trash will respawn

It takes me less than 30 minutes to hearth to shrine>port to dal>fly to ICC with 280 flying (no idea if theres a faster way)>clear it the max amount of times (5 or 6?)>get back to dalaran to org


in maximum amount of clears per hour i usually get 100+ gold in greys, 10-15 greens (vendoring all non mog weapons, wrath essence is pathetic on my server), at least 5 stacks of frostweave. In a little over a week doing 1.5 sets of clears (skipping some days, 2-3 sets others) i've gotten two hilts, which i sold for 8.5k and 8k. I do this on a non tailor so a tailor MAY see better results. I say may because i suck at this game and have no idea how a clothie would do in there with every mob on them

If you intend to afk here after you clear it a few times it's a very good idea to bring a vendor mount if you can.

I'm sure other classes can do it but i find it incredibly easy with a prot pally

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