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Thursday, November 21

Siege of Orgrimmar HC Malkorok Easy Phase 2

Hey since it's been out there for a while, I want to share with you an exploit which makes the boss fight during phase 2 easier.

As soon as your Raid triggers Phase 2, you have to stack in front of Malkorok, while he's damaging in a cone in front of him, you have a chance to receive a debuff called Displaced Energy. This debuff roots you on the ground and is going to explode as soon as it runs out or get dispelled and doing high damage to people in range.

The exploit is, having two druids in your raid setup.

About 2-3 seconds after Displaced Energy is applied, one of your druids have to use Stampeding Roar, it will dispell the debuff without triggering the damage ability of it. Displaced Energy is applied two times in phase 2, that's why you need two druids for it.

So you're able to completly dodge this ability without taking any damage, another advantage of this exploit is, that your raid is able to stick together and the cleave of Malkorok, during phase 2, is split up on 10/25 man which allows your "orb cleaning crew" to run out and clear the room, without thinking about not having enough players in front of Malkorok.

Have fun and good luck killing Malkorok mates!

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