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Monday, February 24

Gear New Level 90 Characters via Welfare Epics (ilvl 496)

I really hope this is common sense but I have a feeling most people are not aware of these items. I see countless "new" level 90 characters running around LFR/Heroics with Greens/Blues when there are FREE ilvl 496 items! I will not be discussing the rare mobs found throughout Timeless Isle as most people are aware of them but I will be covering the chest locations around the island.

Location: Timeless isles

What you will be looting and where you will be going:
You will be venturing to Timeless Isles prior/once you hit Level 90 to get your welfare epics. Besides getting random items from mobs you also have chance at getting items from chests around the Isle.

Most people know about the Blazing Chest, Skull-Covered Chest, Smoldering Chests and Sturdy Chests; however, I find most people ignore the Moss-Covered Chests. All these chests have a chance at dropping welfare epics and a decent amount of Timeless Coins. You should loot all chests on Timeless Isle because you will receive many Bind on Account (BoA) items which can be transferred around your Account. Having the ability to move these BoA items around servers and accounts is what makes these ilvl 496 welfare epics so amazing.

Timeless Isle Welfare Epics List:

All of these items create ilvl 496 Welfare Epics depending on your ACTIVE spec. All items listed below can be upgraded via Burden of Eternity besides Timeless Curio to ilvl 535.

Shared: Neck/Back/Ring(s)/Trinket(s)

Cloth: Priest/Mage/Warlock

Leather: Rogue/Monk/Druid

Mail: Shaman/Hunter

Plate: Warrior/Paladin/Death Knight

Locations via Coordinates:
I recommend you install the following AddOns to make everything easier. Paste and TomTom.

Copy the following codes into Paste which will generate TomTom locations of all the chests on the island.
Now you just have to follow the pretty little arrows, loot the chests and profit!

TomTom Chests 1
/way 22.2 49.3
/way 22.24 68.08
/way 22.42 35.35
/way 24.62 38.63
/way 24.75 53.01
/way 25.66 45.84
/way 25.52 27.21
/way 26.01 61.45
/way 26.85 68.75
/way 27.3 39
/way 29.6 31.7
/way 30.6 36.5
/way 31 76.3
/way 34.8 84.2
/way 35.3 76.4
/way 36.7 34

TomTom Chests 2
/way 38.7 71.5
/way 39.7 79.5
/way 43.5 84
/way 44.1 65.4
/way 46.7 46.7
/way 46.9 53.6
/way 49.7 65.7
/way 51.1 45.7
/way 52.7 62.8
/way 53 70.7
/way 55.5 44.3
/way 58 50.7
/way 59.9 31.3
/way 60.1 66
/way 61.6 88.4
/way 63.8 59.1
/way 64.9 75.5

TomTom BigChests

/way 65.7 47.8
/way 46.7 32.3 Skull
/way 28.2 35.2 Sturdy
/way 26.8 64.9 Sturdy
/way 64.6 70.4 Sturdy
/way 59.2 49.5 Sturdy
/way 69.5 32.9 Smoldering
/way 69.5 32.9 Smoldering
/way 47.6 27.6 Blazing

Think you have missed chests or not sure which ones are left? No Problem!
Copy the following codes into your default chat which will generate a list of chests associated with a number. The number corresponds to the image above and the location of a chest. If the script toggles a 'yes' that means you have looted that chest, if the it toggles a 'no' that means the chest has not been looted.

/run local t={"00",33170,"01",33171,"02",33172,"03",33173,"04",33174,"05",33175,"06",33176,"07",33177,"08",33178,"09",33179,"10",33180,"11",33181}for i=1,#t-1,2 do print(t[i],IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(t[i+1])and "\124cff00ff00Yes" or "\124cffff0000No")end

/run local t={"12",33182,"13",33183,"14",33184,"15",33185,"16",33186,"17",33187,"18",33188,"19",33189,"20",33190,"21",33191,"22",33192,"23",33193}for i=1,#t-1,2 do print(t[i],IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(t[i+1])and "\124cff00ff00Yes" or "\124cffff0000No")end

/run local t={"24",33194,"25",33195,"26",33196,"27",33197,"28",33227,"SCenter",33198,"SWShore",33199,"SWest",33200,"Steam",33202,"OrdoLake",33201}for i=1,#t-1,2 do print(t[i],IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(t[i+1])and "\124cff00ff00Yes" or "\124cffff0000No")end

/run local t={"Blazing",33210,"Bird1",33205,"Bird2",33204,"CaveLostSpirit",33203,"GulpFrogs",33206,"HammerCave",33207,"Ordo0",33208,"Ordo1",33209}for i=1,#t-1,2 do print(t[i],IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(t[i+1])and "\124cff00ff00Yes" or "\124cffff0000No")end

Everything else is common sense. I hope this has somewhat helped people gear their alts and finding those hidden chests. On every new level 90 character I loot all the chests and send any unused Welfare tokens to a bank alt for storage.

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