Monday, April 28

Easy steps to refund a pre-order of WOD

100% credit goes to Gothicshark of mmo-champion

First this is not a thread on why to unsub, or even if it is a good idea. It's just I noticed recently a large number of posts by people wanting to refund Warlords over the recent turn of events, and they are unsure as how to do it.

So here is the easy guide.

Step 1:

Log into by now you should have it bookmarked. p.s. if you arenot in North America it wont be so make sure to use your book mark and not the link.

Step 2:

Click support

Step 3:
Choose Knowledge Center

Step 4:
Get Help

Step 5:
World of Warcraft

Step 6:
"I have an issue with a purchase or payment"

Step 7:
"I want a Refund for a purchase I have made"

Step 8:
"I want a refund of a copy of World of Warcraft I have purchased through Blizzard"

Step 9:

Step 10:
Last part I can help you with, you have a choice here.

Any of these choices work, however personally I just submit a ticket, asking for the refund and the reason why. Although if you are willing to wait with your phone, or on the page the other two options will get results faster.

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