Wednesday, May 21

Do you want to make some gold before WoD?

Here´s a quick guide how to make some extra gold at the end of the addon and the economy tanking on every realm:

  1. Go to isle of thunder and kill rare mobs until you loot the key for the treasures of the thunder king scenario
  2. The scenario usually nets me between 400-600g for a 5 minute run - depending on class/buffs & some luck with the chests regarding keys.
  3. Get a friend from a dead realm to invite you or abuse OQUEUE groups for celestials/ordos to stay on their realm (see exploit forum how to stay on that realm) so all the rare mobs will be up
  4. If you are not decent geared, it helps to do the dailys first so you get the buff from the crystal.
  5. Farm more keys from rare mobs despite a low droprate for a 2nd key per ID, also watch out for Troves of the Thunder Kings sprawled out across the isle (only ONCE per ID)
  6. Bonus points if you are a warlock and can loot another sealed tome of the lost legion to sell on the AH or save for WOD when panda land is going crz (camping rares will become harder)
  7. For Transmogg Fans or Transmogg sellers - most of the mobs on the isle have a chance to drop parts of a Zul Aman recolor set (Amani Raiment Sets) that are very popular with leather classes (esp. people pimping out their monk twinks), so watch your loot and check the AH.

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