Thursday, May 22

Soak Juggernaught Crawler Mines with Blink/two at a time

Soak as a Mage without a Defensive CD:

Any Mage can do this.

Simple instructions:
  1. Click to leap on to a Bomb (Soak)
  2. Immediately Blink before you leap onto the bomb.

You will land 15 yards away from the bomb and the bomb will explode harmlessly.

Soak two bombs at a time (One knock up):

Simple instructions:
  1. Click to leap on the bomb (Soak)
  2. Click on a second bomb before you leap onto the first.

Why this works:
There's an initial period of time after your click where your character has an animation to leap onto the bomb. During this time you are not actively placed on the bomb and can still preform all actions such as defensives, offensives and immunities. All actions are still available until your character attaches itself to the bomb. Why does Blink work? Blink breaks the animation by placing you onto the ground therefore your character never attaches itself to the bomb in the first place, yet someone has still clicked the bomb making it detonate.

This works on all difficulties.

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