Tuesday, May 20

Someone in my guild said this in chat today...

Back when Orgrimmar had the old design/layout, I would dress my orc warrior in a NPC guard outfit and run towards main Orgrimmar gate, where people duel, screaming "Wheres Warchiefs hut?". I would usually get one or two reply. Then id ask them to accompany me while I walked instead of running and claiming that I have been running all night through Durotar, because today is my first day as Thralls hut guard. Lol, some people wouldn't believe and some would have that "wtf am I really talking to an NPC now" moment.

Other times when I was waiting for the raid to full up, I would stand in front of Thralls hut as a guard and say "the Warchief is not accepting visitors at this time", every time someone would try to go in. I would get some people to stop and think weather they should go in or not.

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