Monday, May 12

[Spellsteal] 1000%+ Haste

I sadly could only get my frost bolt to a .198 cast time with this, but that is also on my 90 with like 70-85 gear, so it's definitely possible to make it a lot better with reforging and gear. My computer really sux so i can't take too many of the buffs outta Zul'Drak, so i just tried with one. So it's up to you to find the full potential, i'm just providing you with the materials

Blazing Speed(faster running to get to each mob)
Frost Spec for Icy Veins(20% extra spell haste
Greater invisibility(to mount up and find buffed mobs easier, and if u want to bring out of zone)


Me hitting over 1000% haste: (without Icy veins)

Proof you can bring out of the zone:

Video to show that it's not maxed out to where i had it with my sh*t gear:

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