Tuesday, June 10

Bloody Coin farming exploit ( locks only )

I am unsure how many players have gone running around on their realms trying to farm bloody coins and kept getting ganked by a few people. It gets rough for the most part unless you have the patience to wait between 15min CD timers on a Censor of Agony

Anyways i found the perfect place to use common sense most pvp players use in arena's ( LoS " line of sight " ) it's directly undernearth the ordo's sanctuary. I will post pictures to prove it can be done aswell as pictures where you need to glide.

To remain underneath you simply have to drop Demonic Circle: Summon 
So you exit the stairs. kill your target and then use Demonic Circle: Teleport  to return underneath. Make sure to monitor the duration of the teleport as it only lasts like 6mins. Aswell as if you do like me and que for randoms ordo's groups with ( other raid ) you will need to re apply a new teleport in their realm everytime as it will get rid of your old one. Hope this helps those locks out there to farm bloody coins.

So to get under there. you need to glide into a specific spot ( a little to the left of the railing surrounding ordos. ) while flying into the tower. Use a Glider of some kind. All class's can get down here. But only locks can teleport back down. However you can summon people down bellow wih a lock portal or mass rez them underneath.

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