Tuesday, June 24

Boost your item level to get into LFR/LFG

This is a tip to temporarily boost your item level, and becomes more effective per AC, with the exception of trinkets and weapons.

First, acquire some higher item level BOEs, which must be equippable for your armor class.
--The BOEs which you get should be enough to cover all slots of your character.

Second, put them in your bags or bank and store them there until you no longer need them.

After you've finished using them, maybe you want to sell them(on AH), trade them. or in some other way dispose of them.

Let me explain what I meant about the AC.
A plate wearer can equip Cloth, Leather, Mail, and Plate, and all of these items count towards the overall item level, but only 1 item for each slot.
A mail wearer can equip Cloth, Leather, and Mail, and all of these items ....

So, if you can find cheap items on the AH, or have some extra just laying around, you can use them to that characters advantage.
If the stats you gain are no good for you, it doesn't matter, you can still use the item to boost your overall item level.

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