Bokutox's Embersilk Cloth Farming (Spot 2) + How to Make Gold guide !

Spot 1 = Private (Being Sold 23+Stakcs/ 5 mins) -- Spot 2 = Public , Spot 3 = Public ( Being posted Soon )

This Spot is Located in, Twilight Highlands, at the Alliance Starting Area, Eastern Side of the Map ( Zone to Twilight from Stormwind, and fly RIGHT along the Beach and you will See the spot, in the Video Below.


  • Level 90 - 500+ Ilvl Preferred
  • Potion of Treasure Finding
  • Tailoring + Enchanting
  • Bokutox's In Game Macros (Optional)
  • (Addon to Auto Sell Junk - I personally use Raegrent Restocker --> Reagent Restocker

Mage Speed Exploit Requirements:

  1. Download and Extract folder to your Desktop ( or Programs Folder, which ever - Add Shortcut.)
  2. Download ---> [ Custom Peerblock Folder (195.12.235.x + Blocked)

  • Glyph of Rapid Teleportation (Minor)
  • Glyph of Blink
  • Glyph of Rapid Displacement
  • Glyph of Arcane Explosion

How To Block Your IP ( If you play Mage /or/ Want TLPD/ Any other Rares )

This might seem... DIFFICULT... but in reality its SUPER easy - Keep a Cool Head, and just Do as i say! 

  1. Go into your Command Prompt ( Windows Key - type CMD - then Enter )
  2. Type ----- netstat -n | find ":3724" ------ In the Command Prompt.
  3. You will see 1-5 differnt IPS on the FAR RIGHT of the Window. *** ESTABLISHD *** are the ones we Care about.
  4. If any of the *** ESTABLISHED *** IP's Start with___ 195.12.xxx.xx___ Then you Dont have to do Anything.
  5. If Any of the *** ESTABLISHED *** IP's---- DONT --- Start with___ 195.12.xxx.xxx___ Then you MUST.. Read the rest of this Guide!
  6. If you saw an IP in the Command prompt that was .... (EXAMPLE IP), You would enter ---> (LEFT IP), ( RIGHT IP) -- Follow the Picture Above!
  7. DONE!, Log into WoW- Peerblock - DISABLED, and once in the game, you can do what eve you want!!!

REFERENCE ( My Post - Further Explanation of WHAT you can do ) ---->Bokutox's TLPD/ Camel Fig / CRZ Exploit Post.

Please watch this video, if you want to learn HOW to farm this spot efficiently:

How To :

Pop your Potion of Treasure Finding + Flask + Food Buffs before Starting!!

  1. You want to Farm for bout 4 minutes Straight, and use the Remainder of the time Looting --- All Mobs will Despawn after 5 minutes, so keep this in Mind.
  2. Set up Markers in a Line, whre the mobs Roughly spawn, so you have enough distance to Dot them / DD them and get the ones that are Running (Watch Video for Example)
  3. Use DOT ( Damage over Time ) Spells, or Single DD spells to Kill the mobs
  4. Loot thm all up!

Making Gold with this Spot:

Most people struggle trying to make gold, and rely on Addons, and all sorts of Paid Guides on the internet. There is so many Different ways to make gold its Crazy.

After Farming an Abundant amount of Embersilk Cloth, and loads of Green Items, you may be asking yourself What Now? Well... This is What i reccomend.

There's 5 Different Products you can sell to make gold. Embersilk Cloth, Bolt of Embersilk Cloth, Hypnotic Dust, Embersilk Bags, and Greater Celestial Essences.

1) You will NOT make very much gold, just selling " Embersilk Cloth " However, if the price of 1 Stack is Greater than 60g, I would throw a good ammount up on the AH, and split your product into a few different categories rather then 1.
2) Create Bolt of Embersilk Cloth ------> If Bolt of Embersilk Cloth is 250gish on your server, go ahead and throw some up on the AH - Ites Required to level some professions.
3) Create ---- Deathsilk Belt
4) Disenchant the Belts into ---- Hypnotic Dust & Lesser Celestial Essence

Once you have a ton of Hypnotic Dust - Go put it up on the AH, Now days, Hypnotic Dust is around 260g / stack Which is Huge.

5) Use the Bolt of Embersilk Cloth, and Hypnotic Dust, to Create  Embersilk Bag

Embersilk Bags, sell for 400g+ nowdays, and cost - 15 Dust + 15 Bolts to Create ( Simple math will tell you if Creating these is more profitable then just selling the Mats for it.

Using Macros + Program to Auto Craft / Disenchant

NOTE: You MUST... Be in Stormwind, Next to the Tailoring Trainer to use this Process -- If you want to Craft Elsewhere (HORDE Etc...) Simply Change the 2, in the 6,2 part of the macro, to Match the slot at which the Thread is Sold on.. Each merchents Slot # goes from LEFT to RIGHT.
1 2
3 4
5 6

Macro which will:

Buy 2 Eternium Thread
Create 1 Deathsilk Belt.

/cast Tailoring
/cast Tailoring
/run for i=1,GetNumTradeSkills() do if GetTradeSkillInfo(i)=="Deathsilk Belt" then CloseTradeSkill() DoTradeSkill(i) break end end
/run BuyMerchantItem(6,2)

Disenchant Deathsilk Belt, and creat 1 Greater Celestial Essence, Macro:

/use Lesser Celestial Essence
/cast Lesser Mystic Essence
/cast Disenchant
/cast Deathsilk Belt
/cast Silk Headband

Macro Program / Auto Key Original post - Follow instructions.

Click Link to See Guide + Download -->Bokutox's Auto Key / Custom Macro Program - Post + Download

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