Monday, June 2

RAoV 5.4.8 Exploits

RAoV (Random Acts of Violation) has been very, very busy lately. Unfortunately a lot of the work may never see the light of day. Perhaps, just perhaps there may come a time, as for now enjoy what they offer.

Barber Chair:
1.) Right click Barber Chair
2.) Use Feign Death

- Any CC can work, duel a partner and try it out.
- In this state, you are always phased.
- To Remove phase, simply type /sit.
- If in phase, kill your self, and then sit to remove phase.
- If dead in phase, other faction will see you alive, and cannot attack.


Dalaran Wine:
1.) Put down Dalaran wine
2.) Gift wrap item

- By doing this you bypass the deletion of the item.
- You can dupe small amounts of gold, here and there.



1.) Become a raid leader
2.) Spam macro:

/run SwapRaidSubgroup(1, 6);
/run SwapRaidSubgroup(1, 6);
/run SwapRaidSubgroup(1, 6);
/run SwapRaidSubgroup(1, 6);
/run SwapRaidSubgroup(1, 6);
/run SwapRaidSubgroup(1, 6);
/run SwapRaidSubgroup(1, 6);
/run SwapRaidSubgroup(1, 6);
/run print("Lagging..")

with a 0 second delay using an auto key presser.

- I advise using Murgee's Auto Key Presser (
- Be careful, if spam for too fast and too long you your self will disconnect.



1.) Accept quest Brrowed Brew (Borrowed Brew - Quest - World of Warcraft)
2.) Drink the brew
3.) Disconnect
4.) Relog
5.) Drink the brew a second time

- You are completely invisible to players and NPCs
- You can farm nodes, loot timeless isle chest, and not be bothered
- Players do not see your name when you loot nodes or chest


Infinite Trade Enchants:
1.) Pickup enchant on cursor
2.) Click player "B"
3.) Close Trade
4.) Pickup enchant on cursor
5.) Click player "B"
6.) Wait for Player "B" to put item in will not be traded section
7.) Use same enchant you are trading, to enchant the item
8.) Accept trade only if player "B" has the exact same enchant you are trading


- Both players must have the same enchant.
- Player "B" will recieve an enchant on his item as well as recieve an enchant onto an already existing stack.
- Follow my instructions; if you cannot, then please type /run ForceQuit()

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