Monday, July 7

Bloody coins farm in low level bgs

Things you will need:
  • 3 people to help lock summon you
  • or a friend to fly you to timeless isle
  • fire-watchers oath
  • 100 timeless isle coins
So me and a few friends brought a lvl 10 rogue twink to the timeless isle kill 1 rare so he looted 100+ timeless isle coins. He bought Fire-Watcher's Oath - Item - World of Warcraft And used it

We have formed a full 5 man party to own the 10-14 WSG bg's to farm bloody coins ever match walking away with 20+ coins per match. We have also gone to the horde starting zones like Ghost lands with our twinks always with /pvp ON and used a simple macro to force them to flag.


Which while your flagged will force you to throw the duel flag them up and obtain the killing blow for a Bloody coin!

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