Friday, July 18

Daily Routine To Avoid Gold Issues | Helps Start Making Gold Or Expand Your Markets

Below is a tiny fraction of my daily routine, a routine I have been running for a long time which has helped me become gold capped as many times as I have been. Some of the stuff you may know / do, some of it you may over look with no idea how much it can actually net you. So next time your standing in the city doing nothing but staring at all the people around you figuring out what you wanna do next give this a try. After you get it down you will come up with your own route to knock this out every day to expand your auction house markets as well as increase your gold income.

Battered Hilt / Frostweave & Infinite Dust Farm via Pit of Saron @ Icecrown (Northrend)

Frostweave / Raw Gold Farm via Naxx Worm Farm - Plague Corner Prior To Dance Boss

Raw Gold Farm via Halls of Lightning @ Storm Peaks (Northrend)

Transmog Farm via Silithus / Winterspring

Raw Gold / BoE Recipe Farm Sunwell Plateau Trash

Magisters' Terrace (Heroic)

The Bastion of Twilight Trash

Deviate Fish

Embersilk Cloth via Verlokk Stand
(Despite popular belief there is a route you can take to have non stop killing still - Requires Treasure Finding Potion + Tailoring Bonus (Optional) To Maximize)

Embersilk Cloth via Ettins In Twillight Highlands
(There is multiple threads posted on this - Requires Treasure Finding Potion + Tailoring Bonus (Optional) To Maximize)

Primal Fires via Motes of Fire via Incandescen Fel Spark @ Throne of Kil'jaedan (Hellfire - Outland)

Black Tabby Cat via South Shore @ Hillsbrad Foothills

Cloth & Xmog via Zul'Farrak @ Tanaris

Ancient Guo-Lai Cache Key via any Shao-Tien mob in Vale. The chest these open can give you stacks of trade goods, 25+ gold per chest & additional sales. Not to mention it will give you a crack @ skyshards while farming them & you can sell the mount 10-35k depending on your realm & demand.

Solo ANY older raids / content you can. Majority of people have no idea what drops in old raids thats worth a lot of gold, you'd be suprised. A lot of gold comes from these, a lot of world drops can be found in old content as well.

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