Wednesday, July 2

Farm Bloody coins in peace, and watch people flame. " 2x bloody coins per kill "

Things you will need:

Now so you are aware the censer of eternal agony has a 1 hour CD, unlike the fire-watchers oath with a 15min CD. But by using them both everytime you kill someone you are awarded 2 bloody coins. " now i know there is a post on this from someone else i can't find it to link it but it's here somewhere ".

So by using scuttler's shell you reduce the range at which the guards will aggro you. Because when you use the Censer of eternal agony you become hostile to the guards. So by positioning yourself around 5 guards anyone whom attacks you will be eaten alive. Simply get the killing blow. Taunt them to attack you, or Blow them up. This is best used against groups forming for Celestial's because there is almost always a straggler who is flagged.


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