Thursday, July 31

General Battleground Strategy: it’s All about Communication

In the real world, battlefield success is all about battlefield awareness and communication/coordination and the same holds true for World of WarCraft battlegrounds, where the PvP action is defined by the same dimension of battlefield awareness. To rookies, the action may seem chaotic at first, mostly because it’s just that: a pick-up crew of motley characters some of whom have no idea what objective they should accomplish first, will obviously never stand a chance against a premade group of players, usually members of the same guild, who bring weapons such as vent to the battle, which allows them to communicate and coordinate in a way no pick-up group could ever hope to.

With the above in mind, the best path to victory is obviously to bring a team of seasoned veterans armed with Ventrilo to the table, but that isn’t really possible for your rank-and-file beginner/recreational player.

The next best thing is to share every bit of information deemed useful the “old fashioned” way, through the chat interface. The requirement in this respect is however to keep everything as short and as point-specific as humanly possible. 

An example in this respect would be typing “inc 6” while guarding a flag as part of a 3-player group.

Leadership is also extremely important. After all, command and control is the heart and soul of all modern warfare, and there is no command or any control without one player rising to the task of directing his/her teammates. The “leader” usually emerges during the buff phase: make sure you follow the leader if he seems to know what he’s talking about, and to support him. If no one takes the lead, don’t be afraid to be the one to speak up. 

Making one’s role clear from the get-go is also an important part of communication and coordination with one’s teammates. Specify whether you’re going to act as a healer, a tank or a flag carrier from the get-go so as not to keep the others guessing. 

The mini-map is a useful communication-tool. Use it. 

Last but not least: try to avoid rolling in 2-3 player groups. Such setups are usually extremely dangerous and vulnerable. Balls of death of 5 players or more, preferably including a healer, are the best way to focus one’s efforts. 2-3 player groups are still useful, but only for defense. 

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