Thursday, July 17

How to get gold for the first time.

So, you've decided to start playing wow, and need to make a little gold to get you started and pay for things. This is understandable, and not that hard to accomplish.

Here's how to do it:
  1. Start a Rogue.
  2. Level to 15 by questing, killing stuff, or pet battles. Choose the Nightstalker talent so you move faster in stealth.
  3. Level to 16. At this point, you learn Pick Pocket.
  4. (You're probably wondering how you can make gold picking pockets)
  5. Go to Northern Barrens. If you are playing Horde, you're probably already there.
  6. Pick the pockets of Kor'Kron mobs (not the Earthshakers)
Normal mobs at level 16 drop ~1 Silver to ~3 Silver.

The level 90 Kor'Kron mobs you are pickpocketing will drop ~38 Silver to ~72 Silver and occasionaly drop greys that vendor for 1g25s(and they stack).

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