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The Farmers Market - Rotating Farms To Hit Different Markets

The purpose of this guide is to get you hitting up different farming spots, so you can keep a balance within your item stock, which as a result will lead to you selling more items overall.

To do that, we'll look at 1 farm from each expansion "era", for a total of 3. (Vanilla, BC, & Cata). Splitting the farms up this way will allow us to touch on many different ranges of gear, which will help us diversify our auctioning portfolio.

During this guide, some of you may go “Hey, I've seen that farm before somewhere..REPOST!” and of course, since I'm not the first the find them – or to discuss them, you probably have. However, I'm not passing these farms off as new or unique content. I'm discussing a entirely different concept about how you can use them to build up a selling portfolio.

Now that that's understood, lets get into it.

Attacking the PRE TBC market OLD Strat greens.

There's a big reason why I love to farm in this market. The first being the endless amounts of mageweave you'll be getting, the second – noone else is really doing it. Most of the stratholme greens are very scarce on the auction house and have very high global market medians. If you payed attention to the ultimate farming post, then you should have a blueprint for selling these greens at the global price.

Generally, you want to amass at least a good 40 – 60 items from this “era” in your auctioning stock, if not more. Doing so gives you a wide selection of each style strat offers, and you may even put together some sets as a byproduct.

These are the best sellers from Strat based off my TSM accounting sales:

Mistcape, Royal, Brigade, Chromite, Trackers, Champions, Valorous & Headstriker's Sword

Verdict: Hit this farm often if you've been spending a lot of time with Cata and LK farms. It's a staple for rare old world items.

How can you tell if you need more?

Old world greens / mogs should make up a large part of your stock. There are no exact numbers or formulas to determine when you've gotten enough of these types of items. Roughly about 40% of everything I sell / resale on the AH is a PRE-TBC mogging item. The rest consists of gear from other “eras” and only a very small portion are trade goods and consumables (seeing as I don't use professions at all).

As you start to sell greenies (especially in the beginning) you'll notice what items are selling a bit - and likely move to replace them right away. As you get more stock, that line becomes blurred, since you just wont care what sells.. You'll just know when you need more of a specific type of item. It comes with a little experience is all.

Introducing LK Greens to your stock. The best practices

Farming lich king loot is usually a strategy I wouldn't recommend however, naxx makes it a bit too easy to access the level 80-85 gear. Yes they are poor sellers overall, but still investing in this market does have it's plus sides. It allows you to reach a very small market of new players who don't have herilooms or simply won't invest in the more expensive cata loot. And the odd guys who seems to find 80-85 loot unbelievably fashionable (It's not). In theory lich king greens should be the last thing you want in your item stock – but contrary to that, I still get them to sale at decent pace. These items won't be as good as your PRE-TBC items for selling, but nonetheless, they move just like any other set of greens.

The plus side, to tapping into this market a bit is that the greens come insanely fast. Especially if you decide to farm the maggots and bats indefinitely after the first boss in the plague quarter.

Suggested Loot: All greens are welcome here. The most will have low global market prices. On the plus side, you'll get small spikes in profit if you happen to find : Avool's Sword of Jin' , or Zom's cracklin' Bulwark. And you'll also get a shot at one of the best sword transmogs in my opinion,

Attacking Cata Endgame Market

BOT: Bastion of twilight is something I come back to every now and then to test my chances on getting high end transmog. This is more hit or miss farming, but is a nice choice if you want to put your potion of luck (IRL Luck Too) and tank character to good use. Yes it is very hard to pull off if you don't have the gear for it – but it is all the more rewarding in the end. It's the type of farm where you can only make 200g sometimes, and 10,000g Others.

The drops that you are looking for are: Heaving Plates of protection (The Magma Plated Armor Look-alike,) Chelly's staff of dark mending, And the Soul Blade. For this farm, get 1 of the 3 and move on. I don't ever come back until I get a sale of either one – or the auction house is completely empty of these types of drops. As a byproduct you'll get lots of embersilk to sale or make bags with. That's in addition to the potion of luck loot. (At this time I highly doubt potion of luck will increase the chances of a dark staff or soul blade dropping).

Frequency of visits: Seldom. When I'm feel like visiting cata (or already have firelands BOE's in my stock) I switch up and take BOT for change.

As for the Other farms:

There are many other farms that you can use to build your item stock, however these are a very important three. If you haven't hit any of em yet, I advise that you do so whenever you get the chance.

Basically a good place to find item farms are those videos on youtube that recount how much gold is made by the global market price. Since you can go straight ahead and sell those drops for the inflated prices...

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