Monday, July 28

"We destroyed worlds before it was cool." - Burning Legion

Poor Deathwing. All he wanted to do was fly to Tempest Keep and give an attempt at that Ashes of Alar mount that everyone loves so much. But, as you can see, they forgot to activate the Deathwing-sized Dark Portal.

Such is the Plight of Deathwing. You'd go insane too, if every portal you tried to go through you got stuck in. Maybe look at things from his point of view once every 10,000 Years.

The Dragon Soul was just his attempt at making a really big portal that he could fit though.

"We can relax my Lord Archimonde. Lord Sargeras made sure that Neltharion and others of his despicable aspect cannot fit through our portals. Mwehehehehe!" - Magtheridon

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