Sunday, August 31

Bypass walls and pvp invulnerability exploits

Walk through walls in Strand of the Ancients.

When defending, put down a mushroom chair in the exact location shown in the video in round 1.
In round 2, jump on the chair and walk straight through the gate, without the need to destroy it.
Your whole team can do this.

Semi-invulnerability while defending Isle Of Conquest.

Put down a chair underneath the gate when it goes up at the start of the bg. When the gate comes
down again, jump on the chair and inside the gate. This is very powerful for defenders. It allows you
to bypass the teleport cooldown and move in and out of the keep at will, defuse bombs without
interrupts and, on the edge of the gate, puts you in a semi-invulnerable state where you can draw
multiple attackers without being seriously damaged.

Defend flags in Deepwind Gorge protected by a teleport field.*

Place darkmoon tiger inside one of mines at the beginning of the releport field. Jump on the tiger
using Votuus's early start method (Early Start in Battlegrounds 5.4.8 By VoTuUS - World of Warcraft Movies).

This allows you to defend the flag protected from all melee attacks, as melee attackers are instantly
ported out if they get close to you.

Ninja cap carts in Silvershard Mines inside the drop-off points.

Put down a mushroom chair inside one of the payload deposit points at the exact point shown in
the video. This makes you invulnerable to melee as no one can get in there easily, and protected
from range attacks on three sides. Particulary for stealth using classes this makes ninja-capping
carts very easy.


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