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As alot of you know that theres JC shuffle you can make alot of gold with in past i came across big problem i didnt have Enchanthing with my JC and it costed way to much for me to level it up so i came kinda across way to make money just with jc

  • JC skilled to 600
  • Atleast 1k gold
  • Time

So in start we have to buyout some ores try to get em as cheap as possible as you want to maximize your profits i usually buyout alot of stacks for 30g or less it depends on your server economy tho. Try to get daily suppliers and make deal with em if you buy larger amounts that they lower the price per stack of ore

Now we are going to prospect all of this ore in order to get mats for crafting gems now alot of people think that if green gems drop alot that they wont make you profit THATS NOT TRUE even by greens dropping alot you wont be in - because im gonna show you how to turn gold with them.

After we prospected all ore its time to check prices per each gem you want to make gems that arepopular and pretty decent priced so they can sell out quick if you prospect alot of ore which is our goal. For my server i usually sell the most Smooth Sun's Radiance, Delicate Primordial Ruby, Potent and Reckless Vermilion Onyx those are most popular on my server and even up to 20 gems can be sold in under 30 mins time

Now onto what to do with green uncut gems and how to turn them to make little bit of profit without Enchanting. 

With these greens we will make Shadowfire Necklace and Ornate Bands those require Jeweler's Setting which can be bought at JC vendor. 

You might get blue pop neck or band on my server they dont sell at all i tested every single one kept em for 4 days constant undercutting and noone of them sold so i just vendor all of this neck and bands which can even return 60% of money i gave out for ores

UNDERCUTTING IS MOST IMPORTANT IN THIS BUISNESS you must control market if you want to sell your gems your gems have to be the cheapest thats why this shuffle requiers time you have to sit by AH and constantly keep track that you auctions are the cheapest.

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