Thursday, August 21

Potential Money Maker - ToyBox [WoD]

First of all, this is just a guess from my side - it could even have the opposite effect!

So, with WoD, Blizzard will introduce a new feature called ToyBox, this will make certain novelty items into Toys, making them account wide and usable just like spells.

I believe that this feature will make certain items sky-rocket in price, for instance the Orb of Deception, which then no-longer would be a usable trinket but instead a spell, usable at any time. The Toybox will also give players awareness of the available toy items and increase demand for these types of novelty thingys.

How the Toy Box Works:
  • The Toy Box is a new tab in Collections, with Mounts and Pets.
  • To add an item to the Toy Box, simply click on the item and it will be added to the interface. If you have the same vanity item stored on a different character, it will say the item is already known and it is safe to delete.
  • On the Toy Box pane, your collection progress is tracked and you can also filter by Source, although that is currently broken on beta. You can also type in words in the search box and it will narrow down the displayed list of items.
  • Once an item is in the toybox, you can set it as a Favorite by right-clicking. This moves it to the top page.
  • The Toy Box also displays the toys you haven't collected yet with a greyed-out tint, so you are inspired to collect them.

Potential bind on use items or similar to stock for WoD:

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