Sunday, August 3

Sunwell Plateau - Instant respawn farming

It is very similar to the Blackwing Lair exploit (Blackwing Lair - Insane cloth/gold farm.), but this one can be done by any class with the ability to drop combat (or even for every class if you have a specific item that makes you drop combat).

Where is it?
At the very entrance of Sunwell Plateau

What are we going to kill?

All the mobs from the packs except Sunblade Slayer OR Sunblade Dawn Priest (the ones with the red circle around in the picture below). You only need to keep ONE of them alive and then drop combat. If you do it right the mob you left alive will run back to his spawn location and all the other mobs will respawn instantly.

They are just a few mobs, why should I farm here?
Because they not only drop a lot of epics and lots of gems (5g each) but also because they drop lots of expensive boe patterns (for example: Plans: Dirge, which sells for around 10k and even more on some realms).

  • Kill all the adds from a certain pack but keep at least 1 Sunblade Slayer or Sunblade Dawn Priest alive
  • Drop combat
  • Repeat.

  • Be very careful with the Sunblade Slayer, since they got a god damn damaging skill that kills you in 8 seconds (25% total life every 2 seconds) so kill those first.
  • More packs = more loot, try to get as many packs of mobs as you can but let at least one mob alive before dropping combat.
  • Use marks on them for making it easier to know what to kill and what not to kill. Use cc's on those marked adds.
  • If by some reason you fail and kill everyone just leave the instance and reset. After all, you are next to the entrance 
  • For rogues it's super simple: Sap one add and Blind another one, kill everything (except the ones stated above), Stealth (or Vanish if you got in combat) and repeat.

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